viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2018

Before starting the topic as such, I will tell you the definitions exact of these two words that we will speak today. fairness and justice about two poems we read before in class.
Definition of fairness: the state, condition, or quality of being fair, or free from bias or injustice; evenhandedness.
Definition of justice: the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments.
We are presented with two values, fairness and justice, which both have very similar definitions but can be applied to different contexts and situations. Both circle around equality, and recieving what one deserves. In both the two poems, "The Psalm of Life" and "The tide rises, the tide falls" their writing consists of life and its cycle, and how humans interact with it, althought very different to each other, both values are not discussed clearly but can be implied when talking about life and its meaning. In the first poem, "The Psalm of Life" life is shown as a long list of possibilities and that we humans have to act upon them instead of just going through life without a path or destiny, the values are not clear here, but the poem does talk about good men, and we can say that a quality of good men can be both these values.

In the second poem "The tide rises, the tide falls" it presents an imaginary life cycle, who we see as fair, since it is the same regardless of who's life it is. It talks about the theme death, and also it show  three stanzas, in the first stanza speaks about death as an approaching guest. In the second stanza, we find that the traveler is finally accepting his fate. He is unable to resist the call of death. In the third stanza we find that, the traveler accept the death and find out that this is a new step on a life cycle. To conclude, even if the values are not mentioned in the poems, we can take inspiration from their teachings to live life like good people, with fairness and justice surrounding us.

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2018

Trustworthiness and thankful.

first before starting to talk about this story and the values ​​they have or do not have included, which are trustworthiness and thankful I will tell you the exact meanings of these two words.
The definition of Trustworthiness is: the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.
Thankful's definition is: pleased and relieved
Since they know the exact definitions and let's get to the subject
Well in my opinion in the history of the devil and Tom walker has the trustworthiness warmth and at the same time does not have it. Why my answer? Well look how we have clear people had confidence in the protagonist of this story, ie Tom walker, they had confidence since he is a man of good business and had properties or could say land, but even in history does not have the trustworthiness value since he is married to a woman, right? And as you all know marriage is based on trust, love and always be for each other, but in that case it would be the opposite because in this marriage of Tom Walker and said woman, they do not want at all, to make it clearer They hate each other, that is, they do not care about each other. Which should not be like that.
And thankful, that was the second value that I told you its definition, is usually a very important value in each person, in my opinion. in this story there is not, why? since the protagonist and even the wife of the protagonist or the wife of Tom Walker did not appreciate what they had around them, what do I mean by this? They did not appreciate or be grateful that they were alive, or that they had a health, that they had somewhere to live, they even had food to eat, which many people do not have.

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2018

stranger things.

a little girl was running in her backyard with her little dog chasing the bubbles that the bubble machine do.
 the girl was laughing because her dog swallow a bubble when she saw something or someone shadow hidden in a tree in the woods behind her backyard, but she didn't pay that attention because she heard her mother calling her.
"Anne, darling, come inside" she yelled.
Anne went into the house, her mother called her because the dinner was ready. The whole family ate together, her mother Shayla, her father Derek, and her baby sister Steph, and obviously her.
the second after her mother stand up to remove the plates, the doorbell rings. 
Anne saw her mother confused face, well, we didn't expect someone that night.
her father stand up and open the door. there was a man with a police suit with a really serious expression.
"can i help you?" Derek ask gently.
"hey Dr. Houston, how are you" he ask with a smily face.
"great, what happened?"
"Dr. Houston, we are so sorry to tell you, but we found your daughter dead, Anne Houston was found dead" he said.
there was just silence in the room. it just did not have any sense, Anne was in the same room as them.
Anne was watching everyone reaction, and then she saw something that no one expected.
The man spray something in the air, and the whole family felt down in a deep sleep, except for Anne, but then the man grab her and spray the same thing in her face and she feel in a deep sleep too.
the next thing Anne remember is waking up in a white room, with a lot of people around her making her tests and screaming.
the reason they kidnapped her was because she could see things that anyone does, just like the thing she saw in the morning in her backyard.
she could see the aliens that were invisible, just hidding from the humans, and she was the only one who may see them, so the same aliens transformed into humans kidnap her.
if she stayed alive, she would tell the people that the aliens where in the earth with us, and it will start a war between humans and aliens, so the next thing they did was killing her. Anne is dead.

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2018

Colombia is currently the third country in the world with the largest number of Spanish speakers after Mexico and the United States and is embroidered by countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil. Colombia is more prominent than anything else because of the happy people and the typical foods they show in the media. This is an abundant country of nature, with extremely beautiful countries, with many tourist places such as the walled city located in the city of Cartagena de Indias, this is a very touristy place as I said and historical since the indigenous people made this protection against the Spanish. The capital of Colombia is Bogota, and is organized politically in 32 departments, with cities such as Barranquilla, Cali, Santa Marta, Medellin etc ... with the same language that is Spanish but with completely different accents. we also have many festivals in our country, such as the festival of flowers in the city of medellin antioquia, such as carnival events on the Caribbean coast, specifically in the city of Barranquilla.

Barranquilla, or also better known, could be called "La Arenosa", the coast of Colombia. It is the capital of the Atlantic of Colombia. It is a city that started from very young and over time began to grow to what we know today. is known more than anything for the events that take place in February every year, where it is already traditional here in Barranquilla, which is based on which a queen and a carnival king are chosen and there are thousands of festivals They come to visit foreigners and the same people who live in the city, there are also their typical costumes as the marimonda, the monocuco etc ... the climate of our city Barranquilla is tropical, every month of the year it is hot and very sunny, Even we have months of rain where large streams are made and several accidents happen.
We have several well-known places in our city such as the buena vista shopping center, the zoo where we have the most known animals, and the puerta de oro which is usually where events such as the boardwalk, or some concerts of artists who come to our city.

my neighborhood is very quiet, normally people who live nearby do not talk to their neighbors, they simply greet each other in the mornings when they themselves or their employees are cleaning the entrances of their homes. my family and I speak with the neighbors of the left house, they are two elderly gentlemen very dear and very attentive with us. I also have a neighbor who was my teacher when I was in daycare, but we rarely greet each other since we almost never see her. I have a neighbor who is very close to me, I've known her since she was a little girl but this year it was in which we began to unite as we found ourselves in a place that we went every day and we started getting closer little by little. In my neighborhood there is a store near my house, where they sell a variety of products and very cheap. there is also a McDonalds nearby where I go with my friends or with my parents to eat sometimes when we fancy a hamburger or even an ice cream. My grandparents also live near me, so they usually make breakfasts with the whole family together.

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2018

Hi, I'm Grace Duarte, I'm 16 years old and this is my story. I was born in United States in 2002, when I turned four, my parents decided move to Colombia to be more closer to my dad family, for that reason we are not that close to my moms cousins who lives in there. My mom choose a school for us, so I started in this school since I can remember, and here I met my best friends that even today I still have a friendship with them. Starting seventh grade, I had a severe pain in the lower part of my stomach, and it turned out that I had appendicitis, almost peritonitis, that's when I had my first surgery. the month after the surgery I still had pain. the wound had gotten infected. so basically, I last all my vacations in a hospital. that is what has marked me most in my school years. Now days I am in the 11th grade, I am junior, with the same classmates I met a long time ago. my sister, stephanie duarte is a lower grade than me, but we have a very strong friendship and trust. She is the person I trust the most. next to my parents, John and Peggy.